Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Magyar Bank Launches New Blog

Welcome to Magyar Bank’s blog!  

As a community bank, we’re committed to maintaining an open line of communication with our customers, and in today’s high-tech world, a blog is just one of the many ways we can keep you informed of community events Magyar Bank is involved in, and provide expertise on various financial topics.

Our new blog is part of a revamped social media program that Magyar is embarking on that includes a revamped Facebook page and new channels on Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube.  

These sites have been a great tool for us to showcase our community involvement, and communicate special events and messages quickly to our customers.  Just this past winter, our Facebook page became an integral part of our communication program to let customers know about early closings or delayed openings that resulted from the numerous snow storms we had to deal with.

If you have not found us yet, be sure to like us on Facebook, follow us on LinkedIn and Google+, and check out our YouTube channel which features our video on Magyar Bank’s recent “Outstanding” rating from the FDIC for community service.

While technology will change the ways we communicate over time, one thing it will never change is the one on one attention you get from Magyar Bank.  We value your relationship; whether you stop in a branch, call on the phone, send us an email or follow us on social media, you will receive the personalized service you expect from Magyar Bank.  It’s what makes Magyar Bank simply MAGnificent

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